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streetmix/streetmix JavaScript

Mostly so we can get hot reloading of styles (and future hot reloading of everything else, including modules), and possibly bundling other images as well.

We should be able to use S3 or Google Cloud for storage.

We could just make it completely storage agnostic, but that would remove some of the convenience of this tool.

With iOS 11 when you take a screenshot, a thumbnail of the image pops up in the lower left corner. Tap it to open the editor. (You can also swipe it away to save the image directly to your camera roll.)

Can the built in editor replace our bundled instance of CLImageEditor? What about < iOS 11? Just not support editing?

The existing docstring for issubset ```julia issubset(a, b) ⊆(a,b) -> Bool ⊈(a,b) -> Bool ⊊(a,b) -> Bool …

Per Coverity:

"drand48()" should not be used for security related applications, as linear congruential algorithms are too easy to break.

Intended to include a "Widget Creator" such that would be a thing. But it's broken.

(This public GitHub issue tracker issue shadows MyUW-local MUMUP-2914; this shadowing is a small step toward experimenting with better tracking product issues publicly rather than in private MyUW JIRA.)

I would like to make a donut chart. From the documentation it looks like there is not option for this in the Pie chart

factor/factor Factor

C'mon @mrjbq7 :-)

coala/coala Python

From @Adrianzatreanu on August 19, 2016 11:42

From @AbdealiJK on July 6, 2016 9:20

In the newcomers docs we should…

coala/coala Python

From @Adrianzatreanu on August 19, 2016 11:58

From @Uran198 on April 13, 2016 16:16

From the discussion in https:/…

May be a useful feature to add a --force-disabled flag to runner to automatically inject a disabled() line into the job output so that people can migrate without running jobs on both servers while they verify everything is setup as desired. Could possibly implemented with in place replace post processing as well, but may be a nice feature.

It would be nice to have a way to bootstrap converge on a remote server with converge; e.g.

./converge --local apply -p remote-host=<host> -p user=<username> -p keyfile=<keyfile> bootstrap-converge.hcl

It should essentially run a remote ssh exec to download the install script, verify it, and then install converge on the endpoint.

coala/coala Python

From @Adrianzatreanu on August 19, 2016 11:49

From @sils1297 on June 4, 2016 16:20

Copied from original issue: coala-analyzer/coala#2276

Copied from original issue: coala/documentation#36


I'm copying a sheet using CopyTo, however it's not copying over graphs that are on that worksheet. How do I go about copying objects programmatically?

Thanks, Brett

We should create a snap using the new tool snapcraft by Ubuntu. So it could be on embedded systems as Raspberry Pi. Some info on

only a couple of files need tests see coveralls for more info

I think it'd be cool to add different theming options, maybe allow people to create custom themes.

Maybe we could add a Material Design theme. If someone wants to start on this and create a new branch :+1: or I can also start on it.

Please see the guidelines


OpenJUB/People JavaScript