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We should be able to use S3 or Google Cloud for storage.

We could just make it completely storage agnostic, but that would remove some of the convenience of this tool.

With iOS 11 when you take a screenshot, a thumbnail of the image pops up in the lower left corner. Tap it to open the editor. (You can also swipe it away to save the image directly to your camera roll.)

Can the built in editor replace our bundled instance of CLImageEditor? What about < iOS 11? Just not support editing?

I would like to make a donut chart. From the documentation it looks like there is not option for this in the Pie chart

factor/factor Factor

C'mon @mrjbq7 :-)

coala/coala Python

From @Adrianzatreanu on August 19, 2016 11:42

From @AbdealiJK on July 6, 2016 9:20

In the newcomers docs we should…

OpenJUB/People JavaScript

Explicitly show the email address of users so that they can be copy/pasted.